Dreaming of Heaven on Earth


The view of the beautiful Santorini Greece, a dream come true.

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

Everyone has always had their one place that they fantasize about visiting. This one place would make them so happy and relaxed—it would be the perfect getaway, where all their stress would vanish, and they would have nothing to worry about on their break. A place full of beauty and wonder; a dream vacation.

Being around the ocean never fails to bring peace to your body and soul. It is always a perfect spot to go to when looking for a vacation, and the calming waves can always put your mind at ease.

“My dream vacation would probably be going to Amalfi, Italy. I would love to go to Europe, but I always want to be near the ocean. I enjoy the food, as well as spending time along the coast,” senior Kallie Nero said.

“I’ve always dreamed about going to Bora Bora, because the ocean puts me at ease and I’m obsessed with the beach. While I’m down there I would ride jet skis and skydive over the beach,” junior Julia Reiter said.

“My dream vacation is to go to Hawaii, because I love going to beaches and it just seems super peaceful. I would take surfing lessons, explore the island and do more fun activities on the beach,” senior Abbi Swann said.

Europe is another very popular option when it comes to dream vacations. You can never go wrong with adventuring into the land of the unknown, and it’s a huge opportunity to learn so many new things about the different cultures and countries.

“My dream vacation would be Greece. That’s my dream spot because my heritage is half Greek, and when I look at pictures, they always seem so dreamy! I would go sightseeing and lay out on the beach because the water is so clear,” junior Lexi Bross said.

“I would love to visit Santorini, Greece someday, because it has such beautiful architecture and such an amazing view of the ocean. If I ever go there I would love to find out more of their culture,” senior Kate Ryan said.

This world is full of beautiful places to visit, and hopefully someday everyone gets to take their dream vacation to their ultimate spot of happiness. Whether it’s the sandy beaches, the snowy mountains or the green forest, it’s always nice to have a little getaway!