Mass Dress Guys with Awesome Ties


Max Williams

Mr. Cissel rocking his instrument theme tie on mass day

Max Williams, Staff Writer

A traditional St. Dominic custom is dressing up a little nicer for all school mass days, as a form of showing reverence. While it is in no way a competition, many of our Crusaders (including teachers) showed up to school in style.

Juniors Hunter Powell (pictured left) and Connor Blassingame (pictured right)

Junior Hunter Powell decided to kick the day off with his crazy paisley tie. The dark colors provided a stark contrast to the white oxford, and the red really made it pop! Similarly, junior Connor Blassingame rocked his signature dark colored and polka dot bow tie with his Vineyard Vines brand button up.

Junior Cody Snyder

Another junior, Cody Snyder, was modeling a striped tie that perfectly matched his grey pants, and even complimented his mask! Overall, a very well coordinated outfit that was put together perfectly.

Sophomore Ethan Cornett

Staying with the striped theme here, sophomore Ethan Cornett definitely stood out with his purple tie that featured plenty of stripes that criss-crossed in quite the interesting pattern.

Senior Christian Radke

Despite having a rather simple tie pattern, what may have put senior Christian Radke over the top is his gold tie clip that added a truly classy touch to an otherwise simple approach.

Mr. Schlenke (Sr.)

What most students weren’t expecting this mass day was the strong style choices from many of the teachers. Obviously, all of the teachers dress up on a normal school day, but Mr. Schlenke decided to step it up with a nice floral touch for his mass dress.

Mr. Hennekes

Other teachers went with a slightly different approach. Mr Hennekes’s tie of many different patterns was quite daring, but still perfectly fit the vibe of the rest of his outfit. The color scheme here was seriously on point!

Mr. Eckhard

Coming in with another bold choice was Mr. Eckhard, and his shiny yellow tie. It’s safe to say that pop of yellow not only goes great with his light blue shirt, but also his cheerful personality.

Mr. Cissel

To continue with our teacher theme, Mr. Cissel deserves a huge shoutout for his incredible tie that was filled up with saxophones, pianos, drum sets and other instruments. It most definitely helped him direct the choir that sang so beautifully during mass.

Junior Max Williams

Last, but certainly not least, I think it’s safe to say that junior Max Williams rocked one of the coolest ties of them all. The bright color gave his mass dress a refreshing pop of color, and the fun little fish and boats on the tie was the icing on the cake.

Overall, it seems like our students and teachers alike both love to show off their flashy ties. Of course, what’s most important is that we dress our best in order to praise God. I think that we can safely say God would approve, since just about every single crusader was looking pretty sharp.