Outstanding Open House


Mrs. Gilmore

The Big Gym is all set up for open house

Elise Newman, Staff Writer

Open House was a huge success, as both faculty and students joined together to introduce the St. Dominic community to many prospective and interested families.

Open House was hosted on Sunday, October 2. It was a nice opportunity for families who are already a part of the St. Dominic family, along with new families to the community, to go around the school and meet or chat with faculty and students. Tours led by the student ambassadors showed our outstanding facilities, and leaders of clubs, teams and other programs stood at tables and talked about what they loved about their extracurricular activities.

“I absolutely loved giving tours and introducing families to St. Dominic! The families were all very sweet and fun to talk to, and I would love to see some of the students as crusaders here in the future,” junior Tori Larner said.  

But besides the tours and tables filled with the many opportunities St. Dominic has to offer, there were also many demonstrations of the different clubs and organizations that call St. Dominic home. Chamber choir, jazz band and the actors studio classes all performed throughout the day.

“Getting to perform with my classmates for all the people who came to open house was a really cool experience, and I hope it encouraged a lot of new possible students to come here and do what they love,” sophomore Kinsley Dare said.

Hopefully all the families that came to St. Dominic enjoyed their visit, and we can’t wait to see many of those faces as Crusaders in the coming years!