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A total of 8 crusader girls donated their hair for one who needs it at the hair donation.

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A total of 8 crusader girls donated their hair for one who needs it at the hair donation.

Ava Kannady, Staff Writer

Children With Hair Loss (CWHL) is an incredible organization, in which girls of any age are given the opportunity to make a change in someone else’s life. The St. Dominic students decided to give a part of their own lives to help others, by donating their long locks.

On Friday, October 23, many ladies from our St. Dominic family made a difficult yet inspirational decision. Having long hair, and the endless months it takes to grow out said hair, was not a concern for the crusader girls. They had almost a week to decide whether they wanted to take part in the CWHL donation, but some girls even decided to chop their hair the day of.

“It was super fun but also super scary. I was nervous since I’ve had long hair for so long, but knowing that another little girl will get to have hair makes it all worth it,” sophomore Molly Grun said.

With certain requirements put in place to donate hair, the girls made sure that their hair was in the best condition possible for donation day. The hair was required to remain clean and dry, in order for the hair stylist to rubber band it together for cutting. The minimum hair length that was accepted was eight inches, but you could also donate more if you desired.

The Sister Mary Bender lobby was filled with loads of nervous girls and supportive friends. Each girl who took part in donating hair to CWHL was allowed to bring two friends to watch and cheer on the donor for her generous choice. The girls’ hair was separated into sections and put into rubber bands, and then on the count of three, chopped!

With the impulse decision to cut the hair the day of, senior Emily Marut showed her warm heart and offered her hair with no second thoughts of regret. Grun also made the impulse decision the day of, and does not regret her choice. A total of eight crusader girls changed the lives of children that day, and they will live with that joy for the rest of their lives.

“I think the hair donation went really well this year and a lot of kids will benefit from what we did. I always feel really good about donating because I know it will make someone really happy and give them more confidence,” Marut said.

After the hair donation, all hair was then placed into a ziplock bag and mailed in with any notes the donor wanted to share with those receiving her hair. Not only do our courageous crusaders get to rock their new ’do, but the children with cancer, burns and Trichotillomania will also strut their stuff with their donated locks.