Weber Racking up Records


Lori Weber

Creating records with a kill. Senior Audrey Weber get her 1000th career kill and is the first ever crusader to do so

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

Senior Audrey Weber has been playing volleyball since the age of 7, and she has always had a love for the game. On October 22, Audrey achieved one of the biggest accomplishments of her high school career so far—she got her 1,000 career kill on the volleyball court.

Not only is this a huge achievement, but Audrey was the first ever Crusader to get 1,000 varsity kills; a new record for the volleyball program. Last year, she also set a record for most kills in a single season, and she hopes to break her own record again this year.

“I was so stressed about getting it that I had a bunch of hitting errors right at the start. It was a HUGE relief when it finally happened, then I could just go on to play my game,” Weber said.

However, Audrey didn’t do it alone. She’s had a huge support system these past four years, and her teammates continue to push her to be better each and every day.  

“My girls have always been there for me, and it’s nice to know I’ll always have people to count on. I’ve met some of my best friends through the program, and I can never thank St. Dominic enough for that,” Weber said.

Not only have her teammates supported her through the years, but so have her coaches. They’ve motivated her to be the best she can be, no matter what the circumstances are.

“Coach Bland has never given up on me, even in my lowest moments, and Coach Allen has always pushed me to be better, even when I think I’m at my best,” Weber said.

Even at your best, volleyball isn’t exactly easy. This sport makes you rely on your teammates, pretty much at all times and avoid that dreaded feeling of “letting the team down.”

“I think the hardest thing is how much pressure you feel after you mess up. It feels like everyone is looking and judging you for that last point. However, it’s worth it when you get that monster block or insane dig that makes everyone go wild,” Weber said.

Weber isn’t done yet. She still has districts, sectionals and hopefully a state tournament to win! That means more amazing digs, stellar blocks, and many many more kills. Be sure to come out and support Weber and the rest of the varsity girls throughout the postseason.