Spooktacular Homemade Costumes



Little boy models an easy at home mummy a Halloween Costume.

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

As Halloween creeps closer, we’re beginning to think about some creative costume ideas. A lot of people do last minute costumes, and it can be hard to find good ones in stores. This is the time to become creative and use your at home resources! Making your own homemade Halloween costume is an easy way to save your money at this time of the year.


A mummy is an all time favorite and a classic when it comes to Halloween costumes. All you need for this costume is a few rolls of toilet paper, and some white clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Once you put on some white pants and a white shirt, and then wrap yourself in some toilet paper! You can even add dark makeup to the toilet paper to make it seem deteriorated or dirty. Just as easy as that!


To become a cowboy or cowgirl, all you may need to do is switch up your style a bit. Just head into your closet and find some random flannel, to either wear as a shirt or tie around your waist. Next up, you can pair that with some ripped jeans, and if you have them, cowgirl/boy boots. You can also dive into the costume even more by wearing some cute overalls instead of jeans! Why not make it fashionable, right?

Black Cat

You can never go wrong by being a basic black cat! All you’ll need is black clothing and black eyeliner or face paint. Throw your black clothes on, and then paint on the whiskers and nose to make the cat come to life. You can go out and buy a headband with cat ears if you’d like, just to finish off your look.

Bumble Bee

Another very easy homemade Halloween costume is a bumble bee. This is another set of clothes you can just grab from the back of your closet. A yellow top paired with black pants, or even the other way around, can bring a cute look together to form the perfect costume. To add the stripe effect, you could wear a black striped shirt, along with yellow pants. You can even color a piece of paper black and make it in a cone shape to make a stinger!

These are just a few of many possible homemade costume ideas. Not only is this a cheaper way of getting a costume, but it is always fun to do a little DIY project around this time of the year!