Homemade Halloween Treats


Rita Maas

One of the delicious homemade Halloween treats that have us so excited to try

Elise Newman, Staff Writer

It’s spooky season once again, but don’t be too scared—there’s nothing haunting about some of the best homemade snacks Halloween has to offer.

When most people think of Halloween, they immediately think of candy. However, there’s more to the holiday than just the store bought sweets. In recent years, people have become more creative with the food produced for this haunting holiday. This offers a lot more of a creative control, and gives healthier options than just the standard candy.

Some people go the basic route with these delicious treats by baking cookies or cakes and decorating them with scary decals and monsters. A newer tradition is Halloween gingerbread houses! Similar to the Christmas connotation, these gingerbread houses are homemade and edible, but decorated to look like a haunted house.

One of the spookiest treats I’ve seen has been mini spiders, made out of pretzels and oreos. Another popular treat is ghost dip, which might sound haunting, but it’s a delicious mix of melted marshmallows with chocolate chips, made to look like mini ghosts.

As for the healthier options, many people like to make miniature ghosts out of bananas and chocolate chips, or create some delicious caramel apples. One of my personal favorites is making pretzels broomsticks. These pretzels are dipped in peanut butter and chocolate to make the appearance of a witch’s broomstick.

However, whether you decide to go with a sweeter side or a healthier choice, homemade Halloween treats are sure to be a hit among all ghouls and girls!