Melaina Making Her Way


Melaina Laurent

Junior Melaina Laurent is following her dreams of singing and modeling!

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

Melaina Laurent is a junior at St. Dominic and a triple threat when it comes to singing, dancing and modeling. Laurent has been singing for eight months, but has always loved it since she was little. She has been modeling for around six years now, including doing runways and large shoots.

Ever since Melainia was young, singing has been a huge part of her life. Singing was a way for her to express her emotions, and overall music is a great way to connect with people.

“I never thought about singing as a serious career until this year. I have always done competitions with it in L.A., but I never had much confidence in my voice. Until my producer approached me saying I have something different that he’s never worked with before, and wanted to sign me,” Laurent said.

Picking your agent is a very important job, as agents are the people who book you jobs and mold your image for the public. Picking an agent in St. Louis is easier than, larger cities such as Los Angeles, where you can only sign with two agencies representing you for a specific job. But, lucky for Laurent, she has found and signed with an agency despite the struggle.

“I signed with Bratty Model/Brave Talent Agency for many reasons. They were very interested in me and were more personal, they also seemed to be able to help me achieve the goals I had in mind. Education is very important to me, so staying in Missouri at St. Dominic has been one of my priorities that I try to work around in general,” Laurent said.

Inspiration is key, and has always been a big part of why Laurent is following her dreams. Laurent had dreamed of becoming a model when she was just 10 years old, and immediately jumped into the modeling industry.

“I was training for a convention in Orlando, and my agent suggested I did the modeling competitions. I didn’t think much of it, but I’m always up for something new. When I first walked the runway, it was a crazy feeling. It brought me so much confidence showcasing who I was while on the runway,” Laurent said.

Her favorite modeling shoot so far has been the cover pictures for her music singles. The personal touches and freedom to collaborate was a huge part of making that shoot special.

“This was my favorite shoot because I had a lot of freedom. For headshots and commercial prints, dress code, makeup, hair, etc, is very strict. I don’t get much freedom. For my songs, I got to choose what to wear, how to look and what poses and vibe I would do,” Laurent said.

There are lots of rules you have to follow when becoming a model, from certain social media restrictions, getting special permission to change your hair color/length and more! If Laurent decides that she wants to change her outer appearance, then she has to get new headshots done to match how she looks currently.

“My social media is something I have to carefully watch. My producer watches over my Instagram, and before I post anything I have to put it in a folder where he can see. I cannot post anything revealing, substance abuse or inappropriate. I am also advised not to post anything with friends or boyfriend. My Instagram can only represent my image as an artist. I also have to post singing covers, as well as get them approved,” Laurent said.

Laurent’s favorite genre to sing is pop. Pop can be upbeat or very chill, which is why she feels that you can get the message of the song across easier. Laurent has actually written two pop songs, and continues to create music! Her life experiences overall inspire her lyrics. She wants to share the different problems she’s faced with the world.

“I usually write on a document, a huge jumble of different phrases, lyrics and ideas for one concept of my song. My songwriter then goes through and helps them actually sound good and are placed well,” Laurent said.

Laurent has said that the most rewarding part of writing has been hearing the final product. The thought of how the song she’s created could touch someone and help people connect is crazy to her.

“Overall, singing has to be my favorite. Creating music reflecting who I am is so special to me. Expressing myself through singing is also something I have always been dependent on,” Laurent said.

Creating a full album is a dream of Laurent’s. Right now she has two pop songs recorded! Her first single, Shape Of Me, is coming out in the next few weeks. Her next single, which is still a secret, will be released this coming spring! So follow her on social media, listen to her music, and support your fellow crusader Melaina Laurent.