Hennekes Takes on the Church


Elli Hagan

Mr. Bob Hennekes is initiated into the church as a Lecture.

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

Mr. Bob Hennekes is very well known around St. Dominic as a stellar football coach and a highly praised teacher, but he has a life outside of work that many people may not know about.

Mr. Hennekes is in the Permanent Diaconate Formation Program in the Archdiocese. The program is to help teach men the fundamentals of their faith, and help counsel people within their own faith as well.

“The biggest part of the program to me is growing as a Catholic to the point where I can help others and serve God through service to others,” Mr. Hennekes said.

On Thursday, October 8, Hennekes was initiated into the Church as a Lecture. This position allows him to proclaim the reading in Mass. The initiation brings him one step closer to his ultimate goal, which is to become a deacon.

“A lot of us already do this as a little bit of a formality, but receiving God’s blessings and grace is a wonderful occasion that I am so proud to be a part of,” Mr. Hennekes said.

Hennekes was not alone when he was initiated. Seniors Gabe Serri and Elli Hagan were able to witness and celebrate his moment together.

“It was really cool to support him, since he has supported me through football and school since I started at Dominic,” Serri said.

As Mr. Hennekes continues in his Diaconate Formation, please continue to pray for him and show him support and love.