Honerkamp Has It All

Social Studies teacher Mrs. Honerkamp brings impressive teaching and joy to the Saint Dominic family


Social Studies teacher Mrs. Honerkamp brings impressive teaching and joy to the Saint Dominic family

Ava Kannady, Staff Writer

With the start of a new school year, St. Dominic has received a lot of new faces on the administrative team. Joining the social studies department, Mrs. Carly Honerkamp has brought joy and a warm welcome to the crusader family.

“I teach social studies, more specifically—psychology, sociology, contemporary issues and leadership,” Mrs. Honerkamp said.

Adjusting to a brand new environment can come with a lot of challenges and new experiences. Mrs. Honerkamp was here as a part time substitute teacher last year, so her adjustment has been a little less rocky than usual.

“My adjustment to St. Dominic life has been great. With being here as a long-term sub last school year, I was able to get acquainted with many students, teachers and staff, and was so excited to get the call from Mr. Welby that I was hired on full time for this year,” Mrs. Honerkamp said.

First thoughts and impressions play a big role in entering a new environment, and St. Dominic has done everything we can to make her feel welcomed into our community!

“My first thoughts were—wow, everyone seems to know everyone! I really like the community aspect of the school, it is a very welcoming environment,” Mrs. Honerkamp said.

Having a background in teaching has proved that Mrs. Honerkamp is an impressive and important asset to the St. Dominic family. She’s brought much to the table, and is always ready to help.

“I taught social studies at Springfield Catholic High School, and science/robotics at Andrews Academy. This is my eighth year teaching, and I am pumped that I get to spend it here,” Mrs. Honerkamp said.

Not only is Mrs. Honerkamp thrilled about teaching, she has also taken the spot of the head coach of the St. Dominic girls swim team! She already has big goals that she hopes the girls will achieve this season.

“My goals for this year are to work on form in the water to ensure that our swimmers are as dynamic as possible. My expectations are that everyone comes to practices and meets ready to work hard and do their best. Swim is such a fun sport, and I cannot wait for the season to begin,” Mrs. Honerkamp said.

Mrs. Honerkamp not only brings an incredible personality to St. Dominic, but an outlet for outstanding teaching and etiquette for her students. She continues to provide an enjoyable experience for the crusaders of St. Dominic, and we’re so excited to have her here with us!