Fighting for First


Kennedy Jones

The house competition between Houses Gratia and Virtus heats up as they try to obtain and keep their spots in the race

Kennedy Jones, Staff Writer

With the school year well underway, some Houses have already made their mark as a force to be reckoned with. House Gratia is leading the pack with an impressive 29 points! On the other hand, House Virtus is trying to get on their own road to victory by just having a good time.

Staying on top of the leaderboard will be a tough task for Gratia, but House Mentor, Mrs. Kelly Faulkner, believes otherwise.

“I think the best way for us to stay in the lead is for the Head of Households and all the (Family) Captains to work together as a strong team, unifying our House. This will keep us on top of the leaderboard!” Mrs. Faulkner said.

However, there is still a lot of time for other Houses to take Gratia’s spot. According to Mrs. Faulkner, House Gaudium is one of Gratia’s biggest competitors, with only a three point difference putting them in a close second.

“Leading the competition is awesome. It makes us feel like we’re starting off the year really well. Last year we were at the bottom, before COVID. I feel like I have really strong Heads of Households. It’s a good start, and our music video was by far the best,” Mrs. Faulkner said.

While the music video competition was vital to obtaining a strong spot on the board, some Houses aren’t worried about points. House Virtus is in last place, but they’re focusing on building a strong community, which will assist them in winning future competitions and pushing them up in the ranks. Virtus House Mentor Mr. Bob Hennekes is dedicated to making sure all members of Virtus are a part of the family.

“The goal is to get a bunch of kids together, get them as a family, that sort of thing, but I think the competitions help. We’ve been a little more structured in what we’ve done in order to get somebody in for foursquare, trying to do a little more to pump up the volume in terms of who we are and why this thing’s a big deal and just trying to get people excited,” Mr. Hennekes said.

It’s still early in the year, so Virtus definitely has a chance to make an incredible comeback. No matter which House you’re in, be sure to keep having fun as you continue to either hold your spot or race to the top of the leaderboard!