Hogan the Hero


Elli Hagan

Coach Hogan coaching his players from the sidelines

Adri Weber, Staff Writer

One of the best high school experiences for many students is the sport they get to play. Sports help the student athletes create a close bond with their teammates and their coaches that they wouldn’t have had if they hadn’t played. One coach in particular who has helped many students in their athletic careers is Coach Jake Hogan. Coach Hogan coaches not one, not two, but yes, three sports at St. Dominic. These sports include JV football, freshman basketball and freshman baseball.

“I have to say my favorite sports to play are probably football and basketball,” Coach Hogan said.

Coach Hogan has been coaching at St. Dominic for quite some time, and this football season is going to be his eighth year here. Football was the first sport he began coaching, and the additional sports followed soon after. Just like any other athlete, Coach Hogan has some favorite memories from coaching the sports he loves.

“One of my favorite memories of coaching is without a doubt winning the basketball district game. The motivation and excitement in the team afterwards was amazing to see,” Coach Hogan said.

St. Dominic has become like a second home to Coach Hogan. After spending so much time here and putting so much effort into helping his athletes, he’s really become a part of the community and a member of our school.

“The atmosphere at St. Dominic is always electric, whether you attend an athletic event, band concert or school play, you’re going to find a packed crowd. I love how the St. Dominic community is ALL IN on bringing the energy to campus every single day,” Coach Hogan said.

Coach Hogan is very hopeful for all of his upcoming sports seasons, and is excited to see how his teams perform this year. The St. Dominic community thanks Coach Hogan for everything he does for our student athletes, and we hope to see him here for many more years.