Friday Night Lights Through the Fans Eyes


Ashley DeCosty

Seniors Katie Donnelly and Natalia Cordero pose in their pink out gear

Ashley DeCosty and Ava Kannady

The Friday Night Lights have been roaring with unique and interesting disposable pictures. Senior Kennedy Walsh came up with the incredible idea to take disposable pictures of the crusader fans, fitting with the theme of the games.

“I thought it would be a cool idea to take pictures at the games to remember how fun they are, and the disposables are exciting because it’s always fun to see how they turn out! I love having so many people wanting me to take one of them!” Walsh said.

Though these pictures bring back nostalgia of the vibrant, candid photographs, Walsh gave the Crusaders some memories they will remember forever.


“Going to the game, I didn’t realize at first that it would be our last game of high school! But then once the game started it really started to kick in and made me realize to enjoy the moment and have fun with all my friends this senior year!” senior Sophia Kremer said.


“I did my best to go all out, as I do for every game! For this game I wore my dad’s Hawaiian shirt, while layering a bunch of lais and other Hawaiian accessories,” senior Kelly Henderson stated.

White Out

“My favorite thing about the white out game was how invested all of the students were, and how so many students decided to go to the game and were so dedicated!” senior Karli Winters said.

Pink Out

“The pink out game always means a lot to me, because my grandma had breast cancer. I love all we do to support everyone with breast cancer,” senior Sarah Herr said.

As football season continues, so do the good times. We will always have these disposables to look back on, and the memories to go with them!