Trick or Treating: Can Covid Scare This Off?


Family Veldman

Without trick or treating, kids will be very disappointed this Halloween

Elise Newman, Staff Writer

This year has been one scary event after another, but as everyone’s favorite spooky season approaches, the million dollar question is asked: will people still be able to go trick-or-treating?

Trick-or-treating is a timeless tradition that many children look forward to every Halloween. Kids love the chance to show off their cool costumes and receive a plethora of sweet candy that’ll leave them with a sugar rush! However, due to COVID-19, that beloved tradition might be cancelled.

There have been many mixed reactions to the idea of cancelling this spooky event. Some say that since many children’s costumes include masks, that they should be alright. They also say that people should be able to social distance while trick-or-treating, so there is no threat and we should be able to continue this tradition.

However, some states and cities have already started canceling. People are worried that trick-or-treating will only further the spread of the virus, so they believe that canceling is the better option.

As for St. Louis itself, the head of the pandemic task force, Dr. Alex Garza, says that trick or treating can still happen—even though the CDC is advising against it.    

“As long as people follow the rules with social distancing, wearing masks, things like that. I mean it’s no different than people sort of walking around the park or any other place outdoors,” Dr. Garza said.

As long as people do their best to stay safe and keep social distancing measures in place, it seems that trick-or-treating is still on. This is one tradition the Coronavirus can’t scare off!