Picture Perfect Photographers


Amelia Larocca

“Dusk Atop St. Louis” was taken on the top of a building on the Fourth of July.

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

Many of the students at St. Dominic have showcased their tremendous talent through camera lenses! By using their God given gifts, they are able to bring life into focus to capture that perfect picture.

Puppy Love.

Senior Elli Hagan.

“As the summer goes on, Elli Hagan’s dog Maya loves the water and some love as she is pampered by a friend.”

The Boys Are Back

Elli Hagan

“At the homecoming football game 2019, the senior boys break through the banner with high energy ready for a big night.”

Let’s Get Rowdy

Elli Hagan

“(Now senior) Will Nicholson hypes up his class at the homecoming pep rally to win some points.”