Bittersweet Senior Season


Elli Hagan

Senior Audrey Weber looks back on her team with a proud smile

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

As the fall sport seasons are coming around their last bend, the football team is preparing for their last kickoff and the volleyball team is working to end with a kill. However, the bittersweet feeling of being a senior is very noticeable for both teams.

“I know it sounds weird, but I am super excited yet sad the [volleyball] season is ending,” senior Olivia Skiljian said, “We have pushed so hard, and it’s starting to pay off, so I’m excited to see how strong we can finish.”

Outside hitter and senior Audrey Weber is ready for another state run this year. Her and fellow senior Alayna Metherd took a trip to Cape Gerardo their freshman year, and they both have decided it’s time to go back.

“It’s really our year to go back (to state). However, this time we’re not just gonna go back— we’re going to win the whole tournament. It still comes with a sadness, though, since we’ve been through so much together. It’s hard to see it all come to an end,” Weber said.

Finishing strong isn’t the only thing that is important to our fellow Crusaders, as the journey of the last four years is a big part of the experience as well.

“I just enjoy every part of the sport, whether it’s practice, weights, film or just a weekend hanging out. These are the times I’ll remember with the team over the years,” senior Tate Cross said.

The football players spend almost every single day together. During the season, they have weights after school on days they have morning practices. If it’s a regular day, they’re on the field together for three hours. Then, during the off season, they’re in the weight room every day, or practicing during the summer so they have a lot of time to get to know each other.

“Spending time with my teammates has helped me grow as a person… as a man. We haven’t grown just ourselves, but as a brotherhood that will last forever,” senior Jack Heinrich said.

Seeing as they have a brotherhood, the boys have learned to stick together and be thankful for the small things they do. The boys all agree running out onto the field as a senior is once in a lifetime experience, and their favorite thing about the season.

“Another thing that really stuck with me this season was coming out on the field opening day and beating St. Charles West at home. It just was the best feeling,” senior Carson Prescott said.

As more memories are being brought in, the Crusaders have their final games coming up. Make sure to continue to support them and come out and watch them play one last time! We are thankful for all our seniors have done, and continue to do, because they are forever Crusaders on and off of the field.