Enjoying Every Moment Of Enola Holmes


K.W Colyard

Millie Bobby Brown plays the brilliant role of Enola Holmes

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

On September 23, the movie Enola Holmes was released as a Netflix original, starring Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes. This latest film is based off of the character Sherlock Holmes’s sister, Enola, and her story.

The main point of this film was to share Enola’s story and her struggles in life. From being the sister of someone so brilliant and well known like Sherlock Holmes, and becoming a woman in the 1900s, life wasn’t exactly easy for her.

Enola is attempting to solve the mystery of her missing mother, who she seems to be extremely close with. She’s also trying to avoid being forced to go to a boarding school for girls by her brothers, as well as solving others mysteries along the way.

This film was brilliantly put together and brought multiple surprises to the audience as they watched the film. Many fans of Sherlock Holmes watched in surprise when they found out that he has a sister and a brother!

Millie Bobby Brown did an amazing job bringing this fierce character to life; as the character is supposed to represent feminism in the 1900s, it was perfectly fulfilled. The character shows fierceness, courage and strength in all the ways a woman does.

The feminist act is shown perfectly in this film. The writers and producers couldn’t have done a better job in showing the struggles that women live and fight with every day. The film is beautiful in itself.

“Enola Holmes embodies what feminism is. Not downgrading or antagonizing men. Simply, uplifting and empowering women,” user “azmiraeliana” on Twitter said.

This movie was just fantastic in every way. Go watch it as soon as you get home, exclusive to Netflix owners!