House Rivalries: Who’s Got Beef?


Adri Weber

Caritas head of house Mr. Winkelmann is full of Mr. Struttmans shenanigans

Adri Weber, Staff Writer

Now that the school year is well underway with a few house competitions finished, tensions have been growing between some of the houses. One of the biggest rivals of every house in the school has been Gaudium. They established a standing in the school last year during many pep rallies, and have kept up that same energy this school year as well.

“I figured our house would be the main focus of all the other ones. The goal of Gaudium is to be the place people want to be. We want our house to be the most fun and happy place because that’s what the house system is all about,” Gaudium house mentor, Mr. Struttmann, said.

However, Mr. Struttmann seems to be causing some problems with other heads of houses. Mr. Winkelmann, house mentor for Caritas, has claimed that Mr. Struttmann lies about his abilities in the board game “backgammon.”

“Yeah, me and Mr. Struttmann were playing [backgammon] the other day. I totally destroyed him in that game. But now he’s going around telling everyone that he’s the best! How can he be the best if I beat him?” Mr. Winkelmann said.

Other houses have also stated that Mr. Struttmann has been trying to stir up trouble in the hallways and with teachers from other houses. He has been quite the troublemaker every time a house competition arises.

Not everything is going swell for Gaudium right now either. They have some issues with other houses as well, and Gaudium is not happy about their second place ranking. Currently, the only house keeping them away from their first place spot is house Gratia.

“…Gratia may be first now, but they won’t be for long,” said Mr. Struttmann.

Gratia doesn’t seem to be giving up that first place spot anytime soon. Gratia house mentor, Mrs. Faulker, gives a lot of praise to the students in her house, and the hard work everyone has put into every competition.

“Gratia’s student heads of house reign supreme. I mean, just look at the points and house places,” Mrs. Faulkner said.

Things are just starting to heat up now—be sure to keep up with all the latest stories and drama going on between the houses here on Crusader Nation News!