“Among Us” is Among Us!


Patrick Elliot

“Among Us” is the perfect game for friends to gather around and play together.

Max Williams, Staff Writer

“Among Us” is the brand new hit mobile game by InnerSloth LLC, and whether you’re playing at a friends house or during class, it’s the game that nobody can stop talking about!

For the majority of the time, people use their iPads and iPhones for school work, business or other serious things. However, everyone is guilty of having a few different games installed as well. Sure, they can be distracting, but oftentimes a fun game can be the perfect escape from a stressful day or a great way to simply pass the time.  

Depending on what type of person you are, you might only like a certain type of mobile game. While some have plenty of time to play story based and more involved games, others like a game that requires a simpler and less time consuming approach.

Regardless of preference, some companies are able to capture the attention and time of both casual and serious mobile gamers, and create something that everyone can enjoy. The latest example of this is the game “Among Us,” and it is rapidly increasing in popularity with teens.

“Among Us” is an online action/mystery game that places you on a spaceship with 4-10 players in total. Trouble occurs when it is revealed that there is an “imposter” on the ship, with the intent to kill the other passengers. As for the rest of the crewmates, they must complete a series of tasks or correctly guess and vote the imposter off the spaceship in order to survive.

This delivers a perfectly balanced suspenseful and hilarious time, that you really just have to play to experience. The graphics are playful and aesthetically pleasing, and the movement mechanics combined with the layout of the spaceship make the game easy to play from a technical standpoint. This has allowed the game to earn an outstanding 4.3 out of 5 stars on the App Store! While the premise is simple, it can be wickedly fun for a small group of friends who are playing together.

With “Among Us” you always have the option to load into an online game with random people, but St. Dominic senior Charlie Wehde prefers to play a different way.

“The game is at its best with your friends. I know all of my friends really get into it, so it’s fun to suspect each other, or if you’re the imposter, to see if you can betray them,” Wehde stated.

Not only is the game a fun way to pass the time, but it can also develop strong bonds between the players according to Wehde.

“For a game about deception and betrayal, I would say ‘Among Us’ brings people together as much as a game possibly can. I’m one of the only people I know who actually prefers playing as crewmate as opposed to imposter for this reason. I like playing detective with my friends and working together to weed out the baddies,” Wehde explained.

Regardless of who you play with, it seems like “Among Us” is the perfect game to kick back and enjoy and immerse yourself in a whole new world. With such a fast rise to fame and a fan base that continues to grow each day, it seems like the game will continue to gain popularity. With that in mind, install it in your free time and give it a try. You might just find something you love that has been right here among us!