The (Sun)rise of New Traditions


Ashley DeCosty

Senior Sunrise was a big hit and hopefully a start to a new tradition

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

This past Monday, a group of the seniors gathered together to watch the sunrise in our football stadium. Senior Leah Maxvill came up with the idea to host a “Senior Sunrise” out on the Crusader football field, as she had watched a lot of high school vlogs on YouTube and saw that multiple schools have a Senior Sunrise.

“I wanted to do it so bad, and I thought it was a great way to bring the senior class together!” Maxvill said.

Maxvill made a senior story on Snapchat, and she sent out the information via that story. Her and her friends planned everything out, but all agreed that they didn’t get the turnout they wanted and are planning to have another one in the spring.

Maxvill’s favorite part was seeing everyone smiling and appreciating life together. Many of the students laid out on the field, laughed with one another and just enjoyed each other’s presence.

“Gabby Hennessy brought a speaker, and she was playing great music! We were all just hanging out together,” said Maxvill.

Mostly people just brought donuts, muffins, coffee and chocolate milk for themselves to avoid sharing food.

The whole grade didn’t attend, but Maxvill is hoping to get every senior to attend in the spring, so they can have more of a fun morning playing games instead of just sitting there. Maxvill also thought the location wasn’t the best for seeing the sunrise, but in the end it was a great experience and they learned how to make it better for the next time!