The Big 14


Óscar Gutiérrez

The new iOS 14 update provides Apple users with tons of new features and cool tricks

Ava Kannady, Staff Writer

After the new release of iOS 14, Apple users are renovating their new home screens and using all the new features on the update. The iOS 14 update just released on September 16, and provides Apple lovers with a new, refreshing look to their Apple products.

One of the biggest features that fans are loving is called “App Library”. This new improvement allows your Apple device to automatically organize the apps on your home screen! Usually, we were stuck with the hassle of having to scroll through pages on your device to find what you are looking for. Now, it’s all exactly where you need it to be! This new feature is the most loved by users so far.

A new easy way to discover and access new apps is with a feature titled “App Clips”. This offers a tiny part of an app for use of it in the moment it is needed. A neat way you can use this is by ordering food from a restaurant! While this feature is linked with Apple Pay, the apps are small in size and easy to recognize.

After inspiration from different messaging apps, Apple completely changed the way users can communicate on iMessage. According to CNN, in group chats you are allowed to pin important conversations to the very top of the list and you can mention others in group chats, notifying the person that they have been mentioned. Group photos can also be sent using an image or emoji. New hairstyles, age options and cool gear like face masks are able to be changed on Memoji.

Apple teased a new tool that allows people to use an iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock their own smart car. However, it is only available with the new 2021 BMW 5 series. Family members and friends are able to access your digital car keys if needed by using messages. Said to come in 2021, users can unlock their car without taking their phone out of their pocket.

A new translation app is also provided, allowing text and audio to be translated in 11 different languages. English, Spanish, French and Mandarin are the most popular examples. In real time, the app can translate when two people are communicating in different languages to an iPhone.

When watching a video, users can continue viewing to take a call or switch onto other applications. Also, incoming calls will not take over the entire screen. Instead, they appear as a banner at the top of the screen like a text message. Privacy has also made a huge comeback, as everyone values their safety. Users can only share their approximate locations with apps, instead of where they are.

iOS 14 is one of the biggest changes and releases from Apple in a long time. Reimagining the iPhone experience was the job and performance that the Apple Team accomplished, leaving users extremely satisfied and more organized than ever.