Falling Into Fashion



This is the perfect example of a perfect fall outfit

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

Welcome to fall everyone, a season where fashion trends begin to blow up and people can start to wear all their cozy clothes! It’s time to start bringing out the big sweaters and clunky boots.

When it comes to fall fashion, boots are one trend we all can hop on. It never hurts to pair a cute sweater and ripped jeans with your favorite pair of boots! The most popular brand of boots right now are the Dr. Martens style, and have increased in popularity ever since YouTuber Emma Chamberlain started hyping them up.

The newest fall fashion trend of 2020 seems to be Corduroy. It’s always nice to bring back a few old trends and make them brand new to fit your style! Corduroy is made as pants, shirts and even jackets. Corduroy pants can be paired with any cute sweater or long sleeved top, or even a tank or t-shirt.

“The most fashionable thing to wear in the fall for me is definitely cut up jeans or corduroy pants. I’ve been super into the corduroy material lately. I don’t know why but I love it but it’s very fashionable and fun,” senior Natalia Cordero said.

Another important aspect of fall fashion is the bright colors you can use to spice up your look. Just like the changing leaves in fall, the clothes also turn more colorful!

“I think that the most fashionable things to wear in fall are skirts or straight cut pants paired with long sleeve statement tops or sweaters. My favorite fall fashion trends are probably big colorful sweaters, cropped cardigans and corduroy,” senior Bridget Pool said.

Our favorite fall looks are back, and we’re more excited than ever. Tell your parents to get out their old vintage clothes for you to wear, change up some of your usual colors and get some corduroys for this season!