Pressing Play On Reality TV

2020’s Dancing With The Stars Host Tyra Banks is excited and nervous to start off this season


2020’s Dancing With The Stars Host Tyra Banks is excited and nervous to start off this season

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

Many of our favorite reality TV shows have been put on pause because of COVID-19, but not any more! Many shows are back in business, and we’re ready to sit down and enjoy the drama.

The Bachelor

The Bachelor is trying to keep everything as normal as they can for the part two finale for season 24. They are being sure to keep everyone safe, while still having a fun and exciting end to the season.

“We are asking all guests to confirm they, nor any member of their household, have not traveled within the past three weeks to or through a location that has been deemed ‘Level 3’ by the CDC, These new and temporary precautionary measures have been put in place out of an abundance of caution and out of concern for the health and safety of our guests and staff” a spokesperson for Warner Bros said.

Say Yes To The Dress

Say Yes to The Dress’s retail location, Kleinfeld, is not affected by the backorder on wedding dresses. They get their dresses from all over the world, but mostly from Vietnam, Malaysia, Israel and Italy. They are having problems with previous orders from China, but they are trying to find ways around it.

According to theIndustry Experts, the show will continue as usual, and will provide entertainment for us who desire to watch women try on beautiful wedding gowns for their big day!

Big Brother 22: All-Stars

Big Brother is all about quarantining anyway, but they are mandating that all actors on the show be quarantined for two weeks before entering the set. Big Brother executives are not wanting to take any risks, and, therefore, taking extra precautions to be safe according.

“We are all living in a very uncertain time right now. And we were only going to do this if everything was absolutely approved and we can do this safely. So it certainly was touch and go all the way up until quite recently, but we are ready,” Executive Producer Allison Grodner said.

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars is stepping it up and trying to gear itself to a younger audience. Some of the dancers include Skai Jackson, Carol Baskin and St. Louis resident Nelly. The judging table has been redesigned, so the judges can be eight feet apart in order to social distance. They are also getting a new host for this season, Tyra Banks, according to the Production team from Dancing With The Stars

“I have to show that I can be trusted- that I’m going to entertain them, that I feel them, that I see them,” Banks said.

There will be no audience in the Ballroom, as well as no in house band, sky-lounge area and they are limiting the crew that are in the rehearsal rooms.

Overall, everyone is glad and welcoming to these fan favorite shows making a comeback, even if  there are going to be some changes!