Making Goals On and Off the Field


Mr. Staebell

The varsity boys soccer team celebrates after their tournament win

Elise Newman, Staff Writer

The varsity boys soccer team has been facing challenges and working hard in order to try and accomplish their many goals for this season. Each season, there are various challenges a team will have to face, and this year there’s more than ever. One of the biggest challenges is staying healthy so they can continue to play.

“The new circumstances that our team has had to deal with has been a challenge to overcome, but it has definitely been worth it to be able to carry on with our season,” junior Ben Eusterbrock said.

Each team member is also doing their best to prevent Covid-19 from spreading, and prevent other challenges such as serious injuries. Despite all of the daunting challenges they’re facing, the team has continued to work hard, and that has certainly shown in their records.

Senior Jake Karolczak has just been honored with this week’s Post-Dispatch Athlete of the week, and the team is also currently undefeated.

“To be honest I really haven’t been too hung up on it. It’s great because I’ve never had that kind of experience before, but it’s not all me. It’s a cool accomplishment but I’m really just focused on keeping the winning streak going. I might be the one scoring but it’s my teammates that have put me in the position to receive this,” Karolczak said.

Amongst the many hopes and obstacles of this season, one of the biggest goals for senior Gavin Kalish is to win state this year.

“I feel great about the season, we have a fantastic team and we get along really well. My hope for the season is to win a State Championship and create memories I will never forget,” Kalish said.

We’re all excited to continue watching and cheering for the boys this season, and hope to see them accomplish their goals.