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The new Travis Scott meal at McDonald’s has everyone talking

Ava Kannady, Staff Writer

The Travis Scott meal swept the country off its feet when it arrived at McDonald’s on September 8, 2020. People have been raving about it ever since, and everyone is rushing to their participating McDonald’s to try the new phenomenon.

Whether you get the meal or just the burger itself, there will be no room for disappointment. According to, the meal contains a quarter-pounder with cheese, lettuce and bacon (Travis’s favorite toppings). It also has a medium fry with tangy bbq sauce, and a refreshing Sprite with extra ice. The meal price stands at just $6, so anyone and everyone can purchase it.

Travis Scott has had non-stop success in the last two years, with an album earning $58 million, a shoe deal with Nike and a streaming event with Fortnite. Now, his success grows even more adding on the new deal with McDonald’s. Scott’s exciting new collab began September 8, and will continue through October 4. The partnership features the “Travis Scott Meal,” a new McDonald’s logo and even some spiffy new uniforms for McDonald’s employees.

Along with the meal, Scott dropped merch, which includes 59 items total, on the rapper’s website. There are co-branded t-shirts, others featuring prints of the Scott action figure and some starring a small squadron of chicken nuggets. No matter how unusual it may seem, there’s a brown metal lunch pail, a tie featuring Scott’s shoes and an eagle carrying a chain between two burger buns, a lunch tray with the words “I’m Lovin’ It” seemingly scratched into it by a punk teen and a chicken nugget body pillow that measures at three feet.

If his past collaborations are any indication, Scott’s fans around the country would lose it to have their hands on these new McDonald’s items. However, the first people to get their hands on the meal were McDonald’s employees themselves, who are required to wear red Scott-designed crew tees with the Cactus Jack logo on it for the duration of the partnership.

With employees reporting high levels of enthusiasm, they all concluded that they’ve sold a lot of Scott meals. This new meal leaves loads of Mcdonald’s locations unusually busy. With the burger being most popular with young teens, interested locals are the most seen people in the drive through or begging to get their hands on the meal in store.

McDonald’s partnership with Scott may well be the savviest music and food pairing in a long period of time, which placed CDs from its Hear Records label next to its registers. Part of why the Scott and McDonald’s alliance feels different is because of the intimacy of food. It’s one thing to attach a celebrity to a new and luxurious item, but to attach one to a worldly product is a far bolder statement!