Crushing It for a Cure


Sarah Wagenknect

The varsity volleyball team worked hard to prepare a great night for Carson Burroughs

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

This year, Carson Burroughs—brother of sophomore Hannah Burroughs— is turning ten years old. Carson was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome at the age of five.

Sanfilippo Syndrome is a genetic condition that causes brain damage— it’s basically Alzheimer’s in children. Sanfilippo is also very rare and researchers are working hard to find treatments and a cure.

“One of my favorite things we do on Cure for Carson night is varsity ties a purple string onto one of our shoelaces. It helps us remember that we’re playing for something bigger than ourselves, and we leave it all out on the court for that little boy,” senior Olivia Skiljan said.

The St. Dominic girls volleyball program is working hard right alongside the Burroughs family to find a cure. All three levels raised over $8,000 this year at their fourth annual Cure For Carson fundraiser. The whole gym was decorated in signs and balloons while the girls sold 50/50 tickets along with tickets for a chance to win over $450 worth of gift cards.

“Every year, we’ve bought Carson a little gift. This year, my family wanted to do something special for the Burroughs, and my dad got together a ton of donations that added up to over $6,000! Dominic volleyball has given us so much, and we wanted to give back,” senior Audrey Weber said.

Not only did the girls raise thousands of dollars, they had a program sweep and warmed up while decked out in purple for Carson. He has become a part of the team, and the girls see him as a little brother.

“It means so much to my family and I that we have this support from not only the program, but the entire school,” sophomore Hannah Burroughs said.

The Burroughs family is beyond thankful for all the support they have gained through their St. Dominic family. The program will continue to pray and raise money every year until they find a cure.