Bad News for Borgia


STL Today

St. Dominic beats Borgia during the first game of the season

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

Last week the varsity volleyball girls competed in a “Borgia beat down” with scores of 25-22, 25-19, and 26-24. Crusaders winning every set.

A few of the girls were nervous because it was the first game of the season, and they didn’t have a jamboree beforehand. However, they didn’t let that stop them from not dropping a set to last year’s state champions.

“I think especially for our first game, we worked really well together. The team element was really there, and none of us were being selfish,” senior Audrey Weber said.

Junior Rachel Schipper, the team’s setter, was nervous about the first points of the first set because she was shaky; but, once she started focusing on the game and with the help from her teammates, she was golden.

“Bree Schriemann was like our secret weapon; no one expected her to come out like that except for us. Both of our outsides last night performed incredible and they were very reliable hitters for us,” Schipper said.

Junior Breanna Schriemann dominated the court with 17 kills.

“I think the entire team played extremely well, and this was my first game as an outside hitter for St. Dominic, it was very overwhelming but once I built up confidence, I played my hardest and did anything to beat our biggest rivals,” Schriemann said.

Borgia is usually the crusader’s biggest competition, but last night it was easier to beat them because Borgia switched their liberos in the middle of the games, proving that they were nervous. The crusaders used this as an advantage and banded together to dominate their competitors.

“I think our team is more together than it has ever been and we will definitely be making a state run, especially with just beating last year’s champions!” Junior Mckinley Curran said.

After an impressive opening to their season, the varsity volleyball girls look to have a stellar season, so be sure to go show some support and cheer them on from the stands!