Battle of the Houses


Kalea Reeves

House Temperentia practicing for what is sure to be a fantastic music video

Kalea Reeves, Staff Writer

To kick off this school year, all six houses are competing in a music video battle which is bringing a lot of fun and fierce competition to these school halls.

The house video battle is school-wide, and the first house competition of the year. Each house will create a music video, to an approved song, then send it in for judging. It’s the first-ever competition led exclusively by the student head of houses.

Each music video has to be between 1-2 minutes long, which seems absolutely perfect for a Tik-Tok, but these videos unfortunately cannot be done on the app. These are the only main parameters for the competition, most of the content can be done however you prefer.

“There aren’t that many rules, which allows a lot of room for creativity,” Ms. Lammering, Dignitas teacher leader, said.

Each house is taking a different process when it comes to creating these videos. It was left open-ended, so you can take your house in whatever direction you choose.

“Each house has different types of leaders, creativity and strong points. There is no collaboration between houses since this is a competition, so it will be a battle of the best!” Mrs. Lammering said.

The song approval was due on Wednesday, September 2, and the music videos are due on September 11. The winner is going to be declared the following week, and then the first house points will be rewarded. It’s not a do-or-die situation, however, because there are going to be second and third places, each given some points.

“It would be a really great way to kick off the year if your house wins, and if you don’t win, it instills a new competition going on in the school,” Mrs. Lammering said.

This idea was created during early August. The head of houses participated in a Zoom call one day to come up with and bounce ideas off of each other. The music video battle was created by senior Gavin Kalish, and the idea is going pretty well.

“I came [up] with the idea to do a music video because it can get a lot of people involved from each house,” Kalish said.

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