Friday Night Live-streams


Elli Hagan

The livestream for the SDHS vs SCW game was a huge success

Adri Weber, Staff Writer

Football season is back, and the team is looking better than ever. Our crusader football stars have been training all summer long, and have already kicked off their new season with big wins against Saint Charles West and Christian High School. There have been many changes to how the varsity games normally look, one of which being the new live-streaming system in the stadium. Fans now have the ability to watch the varsity football games from the comfort and safety of their own home.

The idea for live-streaming sports has actually been in the works for quite some time now, and Mr. Welby is also hoping to be able to livestream theatre productions in the future. This project was supposed to begin taking place some years from now, but with the given circumstances, the process has picked up the pace in order for everyone to enjoy sporting events this season.

“We wrote a grant to expand our journalism program, and this was a part of it. We accelerated the timing of getting games streamed when we had to limit our attendance at games,” Mr. Welby said.

The new livestream option has already helped many crusader families be able to watch their kids and grandkids do what they love. Junior Justin Schnelt’s grandparents are now able to watch their grandson at his games without risking their health.

“I love the new live-streaming option, because now my grandparents are able to watch the games. Knowing that they can see me play helps me work harder and better,” said Schnelt.

Schnelt’s family members aren’t the only ones who’ve taken advantage of the live streams, though. Tons of crusader fans tuned in via livestream to watch the football game.

“We had over 1800 views of the live stream on Friday night. The top feedback we received is that people loved it,” Mr. Welby said.

The live-streams have been an amazing addition to the school and to the homebound fans. We hope to see more improvements to come in the future.