Creative Crusaders


Kira Findley

The St. Dominic students express their artistic abilities in many different forms

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

Art comes in many different forms and contexts, but the messages they share can be powerful, inspiring, goofy and/or complex. Our St. Dominic community has many talented artists who deserve to be shown off!

Lily McIntosh- Senior

Sunset Autumn

This piece was inspired by the Art Nouveau style, and some notable Nouveau artists—mostly Alphonse Mucha,” McIntosh said.

Kira Findley- Junior

The Wolverine

Tristan Jarry

The first piece is Logan from The Wolverine done with scratch art. The second piece is Tristian Jarry of the Pittsburgh Penguins done digitally,” Findley said.

Josh Prost- Junior


“This is one of my drawings from digital art. I love this piece, because I spent a lot of time making it look 3D, and I also like space drawing,” Prost said.

Brianna Griesenauer- Junior

Ocean Cats

This drawing pictures a mermaid with a tail based on a lionfish. Next to the mermaid is her pet catfish, who has been named Whiskers,” Griesenauer said.

Monica Turntine- Senior


“This is how I imagine space would be like if it were a person,” Turntine said.

Alexis North- Senior


This painting portrays the idea of feeling empty and continuously surrounded by darkness,” North said.

Kennedy Jones- Junior


“I saw this style of art on my instagram feed, and I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to mimic. This is a picture of me and my cousin with our snow cones that we enjoyed over the summer—I took the picture on my phone and then did the best to recreate it,” Jones said.

Kate Ryan-Senior


Spongebob And Patrick

“I painted these during quarantine with acrylic paint. I made these for my boyfriend while watching Netflix,” Ryan said.