Field Hockey on Hold


Eli Hagan

The field hockey team makes the best of their practice this season

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

As the Dominic teams are racking up their wins one by one, the field hockey team is still on the practice field with their season on hold. Our girls are eligible and eager to play, but they have no one to compete against.

In the area, 31 out of 32 teams are currently under restrictions. September 1 was supposed to be the St. Dominic girls’ season opener against Notre Dame, but the team is now not expecting to play until October 2.

“We practice everyday after school like normal, even though it isn’t the ideal situation. We’re preparing ourselves for when our season will be able to start,” senior Madeline Nance said.

Every afternoon, the team is running laps around the school, improving their stick skills and scrimmaging as if they could be playing tomorrow.

“We’re building relationships and having fun as a team, even though it’s just at practice. I was hoping to have a big senior season, but everyone is making the best of the situation” senior Erin O’Brien said.

The girls miss being in uniform on the field playing their hearts out, but they don’t mind having fun and playing each other.

“It definitely isn’t the same as playing a competitive game against another school every week and just practicing. We haven’t stopped working hard because we know that we need to be ready when we get the news we can finally play,” junior Ella Field said.

The team is counting down the days till they get to play and have their hard work pay off. It isn’t easy watching everyone around you being able to play their seasons and you not being able to, but this team has the dedication and determination to make their season count when it starts up again.