Hirtz Has It All


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Mrs. Hirtz, the new religion teacher at St. Dominic

Elise Newman, Staff Writer

A new school year means new changes for everyone, including the faculty and staff. This year at St. Dominic, we have been fortunate enough to welcome many new faces into our community— one of those being Mrs. Trisha Hirtz, the newest addition to our religion department.

Hirtz taught religion for seven years at a middle school before she joined the St. Dominic community. Previous to that she also taught English language arts and social studies in an independent school system for five years. She’s also thoroughly enjoyed directing and writing curriculum for various Vacation Bible Schools. Religion can be a challenging subject to teach, but to Hirtz, she loves seeing her students grow in faith with God.

“[My favorite part of teaching religion is] the continued growth and challenges of life get to be discussed, discerned and joined with God everyday,” Mrs. Hirtz said.

But it’s not just the subject Hirtz loves, it’s the community. She also loves how devoted to faith and faith leadership the students of St. Dominic are. This is the largest school Hirtz has taught at, but the community brings it all together.

“The St. Dominic community has such a gift of making all feel welcome and a part of the family. The Christian virtues and values are felt in the halls, in the classroom, and actively lived,” Mrs. Hirtz said.

St. Dominic is very pleased to include Mrs. Hirtz in our community this school year, and we hope to make her feel welcomed and loved throughout her time here!