Let the Games Begin


Elli Hagan

Crusaders took the win over St. Charles West while the fans social distance

Ava Kannady, Staff Writer

Our very own varsity football team played their first game this past Friday night on our home field. Our boys defeated St. Charles 43-20, and they couldn’t be more thrilled! Along with games starting, there are several new and important social distancing guidelines put into place for fans.

With social distancing being the main priority of fall events, students and parents were required to maintain a six feet distance from each other. Every row of bleachers in the stands were marked with tape in the shape of an “X” to respect social distancing. While each section of bleachers only contained a little over 30 spectators, the administrative team thought it was only fair to give every student and parent a chance to be able to watch the game underneath the Friday night lights.  

Masks were mandatory to enter the game, as per usual, and students were allowed to stand in the grass alongside the bleachers as long as they still agreed to maintain their distance. Some freshmen were given the opportunity to watch the game down on the track, right up close and personal with the game— while still managing to social distance safely. The St. Dominic Oak Grove was also open to watchers and allowed any football loving fan, regardless if they were a part of the St. Dominic Community or not, to be able to watch the game without worrying about finding a spot inside the stadium.

“I didn’t like how far apart we all were at the football game. It seemed like there wasn’t as much school spirit, but I’m so glad we were allowed to cheer on our team. I bet the next few games will get a lot better, since we’ll get used to the social distancing,” senior Kelly Henderson said.

The cheerleaders and dancers all wore masks during the game, except while stunting other girls and performing the halftime routines. To lighten the mood, girls from each team took charge and made custom masks that matched along with their uniforms perfectly for their fellow team members. Football players were also given the chance to purchase custom masks for each individual player. At practice, the second the helmets come off, masks are on.

It’s undoubting that parents of the community have been hankering to see their kids participate in football games as well. Football players, cheerleaders and dancers were given three vouchers each, which they could then give to parents, siblings or even friends from other schools. The administrative team came up with this plan to limit the chance of Covid, but still allow loved ones to come enjoy the show. New vouchers are given to certain groups multiple days in advance of each game.

“I really enjoyed the football game, even though there were new guidelines to how we could come and watch the game. I had a really fun time and can’t wait for the next one,” senior Sophia Kremer said.

Keeping the students, faculty and staff of the St. Dominic Community safe is the main priority during this season, but we are all putting our best effort forward to make this the best football season yet. By doing whatever it takes to be able to cheer for the St. Dominic football team, we can make lifelong memories and enjoy the fall football season without a hitch!