A Super-Duper Schedule


Max Williams

Underclassmen socialize and eat with friends during the new lunch schedule

Max Williams, Staff Writer

While all Crusader students are over the moon about returning to in person learning, this year has not had a lack of changes for everyone. Of course, the latest addition to the list of things to get used to is the brand new lunch schedule that was set in place on Wednesday.

Nobody could have seen what 2020 had in store, and because of that there has been plenty of adjusting during this wild school year. One thing to keep in mind is that change is not always negative. Right now everyone needs to be observant of the problems and needs of others, and so far the faculty of St. Dominic has done just that. Thanks to everyone’s cooperation and input this new schedule may be just the thing to satisfy everyone, while also keeping all of the students, staff and St. Dominic families safe.

Most people dislike change when it involves their everyday routine, but it is important to remember that all of this change prioritizes both student morale and safety. As a bonus, this new schedule will give everyone a much needed few extra minutes to eat and more time to socialize with friends. At the end of the day, the faculty will always make the best decision for the students even if the solution does not arise right away.

The first major change in the schedule is the removal of breakfast bar in between the first and second classes of the day. This will now be replaced with a fifteen minute family time period, where students are more than welcome to bring snacks. This means that there will be no more family time during lunch, which is now split up into two separate eating times. From 11:00-11:25 the juniors and seniors will be able to buy and eat their lunch before visiting a twenty five minute long study hall in an assigned classroom.

“I think this new schedule will stick around for awhile because it seems to fulfill all the requirements that our school schedule needed to keep everyone safe and happy,” student body president, Will Nicholson, said.

The freshmen and sophomores will complete the same process, but in opposite order. All underclassmen must report to their assigned study spaces first, before getting their own lunch break from 11:28-11:53. The newly introduced overtime period will stay relatively the same, but it will now begin at 2:40 and end at 3:00, instead of beginning at 2:30. It is important to note that each class is still an hour and twenty minutes long.

“My role in helping bring the new schedule was serving as a mediator between the students of our school and our administration. My classmates came to me with their concerns, ideas and hopes and I brought all that to the administrative team,” Nicholson said.

The process consisted of countless meetings and brainstorming sessions over the span of the past week or two. There was certainly plenty of discussion about the new schedule, but it seems like everyone involved is confident with the final product.

Thanks to the Student Council and St. Dominic’s amazing staff, everybody’s needs were met in this totally super schedule. Hopefully crusaders can soon see a day where the schedule is consistent and never changing, but until then students can rest assured that there is a strong administrative team behind it all with everyone’s best interest in mind.