Quick Trip To The Gas Station


Sherelle Black

QuickTrip is a hometown favorite when it comes to getting favorite gas station orders

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

Lately on TikTok, a fun new trend where people show off their favorite gas station orders has been super popular! This trend has been causing people to want to enjoy new orders, and maybe even go out of their comfort zone. We’ve asked some of our community members what they prefer to purchase at a gas station, and their orders do not disappoint.

“I like going to QuickTrip, because they have a wide option for food, and I love their pizza,” senior Olivia Krick said.

“Obviously, I go to QT after school just like everyone else. I tend to get Cheez-Its and a FAT Q Foam cup of Pepsi,” sophomore Ella Bland said.

“My favorite gas station is Quick Trip, aka QT. I like it because it’s fast, they have the best customer service and the workers are always happy to help you. My gas station order is a Big Q Foam cup with cubed ice, full of root beer or sprite. I like to switch it up, then I get a cinnamon pretzel but without the icing…that icing is fake,” senior Elli Hagan said.

There are obviously many gas stations to choose from, but there seems to be a common trend in our St. Dominic students— QuickTrip. Usually, in small home towns, there’s one gas station everybody goes to; for us that just so happens to be QT!

“QuickTrip is my favorite, just like everyone else, since we all know they have the best food. I like going to QT in the morning, afternoon, dinner time and even at 2am. I’m always down to eat some chicken taquitos, along with some buffalo chicken bites. Washing it down with a slushie just makes it so good,” senior Ben Messer said.

QuickTrip is my favorite gas station, because it feels the safest and they have the best selection for snacks and drinks. My gas station order is a sweet tea and hot fries,” senior Abby Kretzler said.

Whether QuikTrip is your go-to gas station or not, our students have some staple food and drink orders there! If you have your favorite comfort food every time you visit a gas station, maybe think a little outside the box next time and try something new!