The Show Must Go On


Kalea Reeves

The music video competition has high stakes between the house points

Kalea Reeves, Staff writer

Throughout quarantine, Netflix was one of the main reasons many of us were able to survive those long months of having nothing to do. Now we’re going to have one more saving grace, because the movie theaters are currently opening back up again! However, in this pandemic, is it worth the risk?

There are several theaters in nearby areas that have already opened up, including Marcus Theaters in Dardenne Prairie, St. Peter’s and St. Charles. AMC has also opened up a couple locations in St. Charles and Chesterfield, so there are plenty of theaters to sit and enjoy some new movies.

“I’m really excited because now that summer is coming to a close, it’s an indoor activity that’s very fun with all my friends,” junior Lexi Bross said.

Movie theaters aren’t showing a ton of new blockbusters, seeing as right now it’s pretty risky to put out new shows. People may dislike the new movies, which would result in low ratings and sales. To draw audiences back in, a lot of theaters are showing old popular movies like Inception, Black Panther, Back to the Future and Jaws.

Ever since the pandemic started, almost everyone has been financially affected, and many people don’t even want to pay the usual ticket price. So, on opening day, AMC sold tickets for just 15 cents, and have now brought up the price to $7, half of their usual price.

People of course have to feel safe to even walk through the door, so all of the theater chains are changing their policies. CNN reported that AMC will be requiring masks, enforcing their capacity limits and upgrading their ventilation systems. Marcus Theaters is releasing their “S.A.F.E.” initiative, which includes: social distancing, thorough cleaning and sanitizing, app/website ordering available for low contact, and respect for all guests and associates.

If we all keep ourselves and each other safe by following the safety precautions, we can keep the theaters open and movies on the screen!