Lights, Camera…Classroom?


Max Williams

Many Spanish 4 students returned to learn in person while joined virtually

Max Williams, Staff Writer

Although the future for in-person school may be uncertain, the new high tech camera systems that can be found in each and every classroom are the latest and greatest in hybrid learning technology, and are guaranteed to ensure a smooth transition as students segue into the 2020/2021 school year.

The COVID-19 outbreak has been merciful to no one, and it most definitely did not make it any easier to learn at school. However, many schools adapted in the later months of last school year, and learned to effectively use video calling apps such as zoom. This proved to be a great tool for learning, and as a result St. Dominic decided to go above and beyond this past summer. Thanks to lots of determination, an overall can-do attitude and a hard working faculty and staff the zoom app has been taken up to the next level with a brand new system.

Each system is equipped with state of the art Logitech brand speakers, microphones, and a high definition camera that can both zoom and focus with ease. Each camera can also turn up to 200 degrees for a perfect view of the entire classroom. As far as the microphones are concerned, they are some of the best that money can buy. Recently our technology coach, Mr. Small, has been testing out all of the equipment and is learning new things each and every day.

“The new microphones located near the hub and tv area can pick up the sound of a teacher speaking from the other side of the room in the back of the learning commons,” Mr. Small said.

The speakers that are a part of each system also add great value. The students at home must be able to communicate in some way with their peers who are learning in person, and with multiple speakers installed in various places around each classroom, online students can feel comfortable knowing that they can be heard loud and clear. At the end of the day, making sure all students and their families are comfortable is the top priority.

“I think that it [the new cameras] allow us great flexibility in a difficult time. If a student is on crutches or cannot get around, they can now pop in virtually to a class and not have to worry about how they get around school,” Mr. Small added.

The technology coach also mentioned the great staff that is present here at St. Dominic. As of right now he thinks that everything is perfectly ready to start off the school year, but a little bit of experience and practice can only improve things. Mr. Small has worked at four separate school districts prior to St. Dominic, but he has said that the staff here is the hardest working and most cooperative.

“The St. Dominic faculty and staff have a ‘no quit, never give up’ mentality when it comes to serving the community, the students and St. Dominic. I am very humbled and blessed to have watched them through this process,” Mr. Small stated.

With all of this in mind, it seems like St. Dominic has certainly found the recipe for success! The new camera system will surely bring the crusader family back together this school year, whether students choose to learn in person or from a distance.