I’m not Kidding!


Lexi Bross

Lexis new baby goats, Lilly and Gilly, cuddled up next to eachother

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

There is no better way to be stuck at home than having to raise two new baby goats!

It was a sudden and exciting surprise when my pregnant goat, Milly, had her babies on a Monday, a few weeks into quarantine. 

I got a call from my dad early in the morning, telling me to come out to the farm because Milly had her babies.

I sprinted out of bed and grabbed towels to warm them because it was chilly outside. When I got there my dad had me coax Milly up and make sure that she was okay.

I brought her and the babies into the barn. She had two kids, a boy and a girl.

It has become a recurring theme on the Bross farm to name the goats with an -illy name. There is Billy, Milly, Willy, Nilly and now these two babies. I decided on Lilly for the girl baby and Gilly for the boy baby. 

When you take care of a baby goat, you have to make sure that they are nursing from their mother, that they are warm and that they start to walk around within the first hours. 

One thing I love to do after a few hours is hold and snuggle the sweet little babies. If you decide to raise some goats make sure the mother can see you when you’re holding her baby. If you don’t allow her this, she will call out, and it will cause the baby to panic.

My favorite part about my goats is how easily they can imprint on you. All it takes is being around them, petting them, and letting them eat out of your hand. They are very personable. I can do a tongue click and all my goats come running. They all recognize my voice. Within the next few weeks, the babies were no different. They started to recognize my voice and they would run around and explode. 

My favorite thing about the baby goats is that when they run they prance and twist their body at the same time. This is a hilarious sight to see! Raising goats can be a challenge but I promise nothing will make you smile brighter than when a baby goat nudges your leg!