Getting Back to Normal

We can finally go outside and began to get our lives back to normal.

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We can finally go outside and began to get our lives back to normal.

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

Now that we have begun to reopen shops and integrate back into society, things are going to change a little— hopefully for the better! We’ve all enjoyed the quality family time, but I’m sure we’re all going a little bit stir crazy too.

“It’s nice to have a little taste of normal life. I can finally go back to my friends and sports and everything, I love that I get to be out and about,” junior Gabe Serri said.

For some people, not much has changed. Laying in bed or on the couch, snacking all day, and enjoying the time at home has become the norm, so why mess with perfection?

“Quarantine becoming less strict hasn’t really affected my life. I still do all of the same things I usually do,” junior Caleb Stoddard said.

However, many people feel that the end of quarantine will allow them to enjoy their normal lifestyle while the virus continues. Going back to a normal routine may bring life back to the way it was!

“I’m a lot happier, because I get to hang out with my friends again! Before I wasn’t even allowed to leave my house. We’re still keeping a distance, but it’s nice that I get to see them,” sophomore Rachel Schipper said.

Whether quarantine being lifted has changed your daily life or not, it’s important to remember to still social distance and be cautious when you’re around others.