Entertainment Put on Pause


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Theme parks are taking precautions and making plans as they look to reopen

Olivia Skiljan, Staff Writer

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown so many obstacles in the way of our lives like both professional and amateur sports put on pause, everyone stuck at home and the entertainment industry struggling to find ways to put on a show. Places such as theme parks, movie theaters and malls are all trying to get creative and bring the entertainment back to the people.

Theme Parks

From Six Flags to Disney, theme parks have been shut down. Unfortunately, a set plan for these parks to reopen has not yet been put in place. However, theme parks are thinking of all the things they will need for when the parks do open back up. Disinfection stations will be placed throughout the parks with touchless dispensers, they will have limited capacities, and may even only allow reservations. Six Flags in our own backyard plans on taking reservations when they reopen. Shanghai Disneyland has reopened with limits on park guests and a requirement to wear masks. And of course, there will be line management— it’s essential to make sure that all guests are six feet apart while waiting for their favorite rides.

Movie Theaters

Movie theaters have taken a devastating blow financially, much like the theme parks. New releases being forced to postpone is costing companies a fortune. Despite their bad luck, companies are making the most out of the situation by using their vintage signs to give friendly messages like “wash your hands,” and “see you soon.” Some big corporations are talking about releasing new movies onto streaming sites or DVDs with a fee. Disney+ is thinking of releasing movies whose dates have been postponed like the movie version of Hamilton. It was to be released in theaters in October but now will be released straight to Disney+ on July 3. Plans of getting people back to the theaters have not even been really discussed yet.


Malls have had the largest financial hit of all. Most shops will have major problems reopening if they are even able to, as malls have become less and less popular over the years anyway. Online shopping is saving big businesses, but small retailers are seriously struggling right now. The shops that have reopened have rules for the number of people they let in, and there must be six feet lines around facilities. Mall retailers are just hoping they will survive this horrible event.

Even with everything going on, entertainment resources are working hard to provide for all those stuck at home and to get people back to somewhat of a norm as soon as possible. We are all hoping for a quick and safe return to the things we love doing, but for now we can just enjoy what they give us at home!