All Of America Should Watch All American


The CW network

All American has become a big hit for teens and young adults during quarantine

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

All American is a show that airs on the CW and full seasons air on Netflix. The second season has recently been added to Netflix and once this and quarantine happened, the show became a big hit around the world.

All American follows a high school boy named Spencer Reed who lives and plays football in a small, poor town. Spencer Reed is a stud at football, and his play gets him noticed by a football coach who recruits him to play at a bigger, richer high school: Beverly Hills. This chapter of his life is followed by a lot of juicy drama.

This show is actually based on true events that happened in a famous football player’s life, which is unique. This football player is Spencer Paysinger, and he actually appeared in the show a few times, playing the assistant coach at Beverly Hills High School.

This show is filled with a lot of plot twists that you would never see coming, which in the end makes the show ten times better.

I would 100% recommend this show to any teenager who is looking for a series to binge. It’s definitely in my top five favorite TV shows at the moment. Season three will be out sometime in October of 2020 on the CW app and will probably be put on Netflix sometime in spring. Make sure to check it out!