Ultimate Tag: Will it Fill the Sports Void?


Peter White

The new game show we didn’t know we needed to help fill the sports void

Mary Kate Burcham, Staff Writer

Ultimate Tag will be premiering on Fox May 2o. It is an obstacle course competition with a twist, and everyone is hoping to get their sports fix through this new crazy show.

Without the entertainment of major league sports, viewers are excited at the idea of a new game show coming to Fox. The show will be co-hosted by NFL sibling trio J.J., T.J. and Derek Watt. It will be broadcasted weekly, capturing everyday citizens attempting to complete obstacles like vaulting, tumbling and diving all while avoiding others.  The show is based off of the playground game “tag,” which has one goal: don’t get caught.

Fox revealed information about the game show in a press release.

“The contestants will be chased by resident Taggers. These larger-than-life characters have a range of incredible and jaw-dropping athletic skills,” Fox said.

Due to the pandemic, Ultimate Tag will likely be popular to all. Since the show displays normal people attempting difficult tasks, it will be entertaining to anyone watching, and because there are no other athletics airing, sports fanatics are sure to soak up as much of this show as they can.

But will Ultimate Tag really be able to fill the sports void caused by the coronavirus? The true answer is only time will tell. At least it will be something the whole family can enjoy.