Mrs. Eichmeyer: What Doesn’t She Do?


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Mrs. Eichmeyer is bending all rules with her amazing accomplishments.

Emma Hankins, Staff Writer

While teaching at school or from home, Mrs. Cayci Eichmeyer never fails to maintain a smile on her face and effectively teach her students new material. Not only is Mrs. Eichmeyer a great, composed literature teacher, her life outside the classroom is chaotic and exhilarating.

Just when you think someone can’t do it all, Mrs. Eichmeyer can. Along with being a football player for the St. Louis Slam, she is an aunt, mother and poet, as well as a fantastic teacher, FCA sponsor, and the girls JV basketball coach, positively impacting the lives of her students inside and outside of the classroom.

As a teacher, she continues to incorporate ways to keep the students involved during social distancing. She loves changing class up with new ways of teaching.

“I try to implement a variety of teaching methods. I love discussions and small group work so students can have a front row seat to their education. I try to make everything as relatable as I can. I really enjoy the jigsaw method as well, when students can become experts on a specific topic and teach it to their peers,” Mrs. Eichmeyer said.

Mrs. Eichmeyer’s passion and determination have allowed her to overcome the hardships of social learning.

“It can be difficult at times because my two sons, ages six and one, are home full time with me too during this, and they require a lot of attention. Also, there are internet issues at times and my plans do not always go how I had hoped,” Mrs. Eichmeyer said.

Even with these challenges, she has rocked social distancing and never fails to teach important material.

Outside of her daily priorities, she loves to spend time with family and friends and attend sporting events. The Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Cardinals and Wisconsin Badgers are her favorites. She also enjoys reading, writing and traveling.

Although we see Mrs. Eichmeyer as an inspiring teacher every day, her outside life is just as impactful. She never fails to meet expectations and goes above and beyond what is required of her.