Things To Be Thankful For


Audrey Weber

There are still many different things to appreciate while we are in quarantine.

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

Though we may be bored out of our minds, all of this time at home gives us time to reflect and appreciate what we have. Many of us take the small things for granted in our daily lives, but now we all have a chance to think about what really matters.

Quality Family Time

Whether it’s a home cooked meal or a family movie night, take a moment to remember who’s always been there for you since the beginning. A simple thank you can go a long way, especially if you haven’t said it in a while.

A Cozy Bed

We’re all annoyed that we have to stay isolated, but it’s important to remember how much we actually have. Many people don’t get to come home to a nice, comfy bed that we tend to take for granted.

A Good School

Online classes can be a challenge, but at least we have the technology to be able to finish the school year! Our teachers are working hard to keep us up to date, and they’re making sure we learn everything we need to for the future.


Now is the perfect time to go out and acknowledge all the different gifts of nature we’ve been given. From stars to trees to squirrels, God allowed us to live on this planet with all these wonderful creations, so we should take full advantage of the beauty.

Enjoying what we have instead of wanting what we don’t is essential to our happiness. By appreciating what we have in the moment, we can find a little bit more joy each and every day.