Meaningful Masks


Christopher Elliot

Just a few options for a fun face mask design.

Darby Duncan, Media Editor

Nowadays, masks have become a big part of everyone’s lives. Especially as quarantine starts to come to a close, it is possible that many more businesses will start to require masks. Many people may hate the idea of wearing a mask. But why settle for a boring plain mask when you can wear an exciting and personalized one? With so many people making homemade masks, the options are nearly endless!

One way to spice up your mask is by adding something sports related. Just because sports aren’t on TV right now doesn’t mean we can’t continue to represent our favorite sports team. You can easily find masks with a pattern representing the Cardinals or any other baseball team. You can represent your new favorite XFL team, including our very own Battlehawks, or you can represent the Stanley Cup champs and wear a Blues mask.

Another great option for masks are masks with funny faces. Bring a smile to everyone’s face with a silly mask. You can find many masks with goofy grins, giant lips, mustaches and even dogs mouths. Many of these fun masks are sold on Etsy and other online shops.

A third great mask option is a Disney mask! There are plenty of Disney masks for everyone in your family. Whether you like Star Wars, princesses or simply Mickey and the gang, there are tons of Disney masks available. If Disney isn’t your style, there are plenty of other movie related masks available for purchase or waiting for you to make.

Of course, if you would rather have a mask without characters, there are lots of masks with simple fun designs on them. Plenty of masks have cute patterns such as stars, hearts, zigzags, polka dots or chevron. Almost any pattern you can think of can be found on a mask.

The last option for an exciting new face mask is a face mask with a saying. There are plenty of face masks out there which include cute, inspiring or funny sayings. You can find masks with sayings like “this too will pass” or “if you can read this you’re too close.” These sayings can help bring some much needed humor to you and those around you.

Overall, our lives are changing drastically, and while we might not like it, we have to make the best of it. So why opt for a boring mask? If you’re required to wear a mask some time in the future, be sure to grab a fun and exciting one to brighten everyone’s day!