Some Good News


James White

John Krasinski made it his mission to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Cate Cato, Staff Writer

Everyone loves to hear some good news, especially when it seems like all the media is ever filled with during this time is negativity. John Krasinski, who launched his acting career with everyone’s favorite—The Office—is here to change that. Like always, Krasinski is putting a smile on your face with his new, weekly YouTube series, Some Good News. 

Krasinski reached out to all his followers for some insight on good things they’ve experienced since being quarantined. One of my favorite parts of his first episode was hearing about a young cancer patient. She was able to return home after her last chemotherapy treatment, and her community rallied together, showing up with at least a hundred cars lining the streets to welcome her back.

Krasinski also chatted with former co-star, Steve Carrell, and they reminisced about their favorite moments on the set of The Office. They were able to share some behind-the-scenes outtakes that made us all laugh.

His second episode highlighted how people have been volunteering their time to make masks, even shouting out some kids who have been making face shields with 3D printers for first responders. He then covered many other heart touching moments: Businesses provided hot food to civilians who are struggling during this time, teachers paraded through their students’ neighborhoods to keep their spirits up and a math teacher even showed up to a student’s house to help her out with some math homework (through the window, of course).

For our 2020 seniors, this year is especially rough. Missing prom and graduation has been tremendously disappointing for this year’s graduates. Luckily, Krasinski made it his mission to have a virtual, live-streamed prom. He had special guests perform, including Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers. He even brought his former The Office co-star, Rainn Wilson, on to chat. Overall, virtual prom was a success and people loved it.

We look forward to more weekly episodes of SGN with Krasinski himself to remind us that no matter how much bad is going on in the world, there is still so much good.