Letters from the Editors



Editor-in-Chief’s Alyssa Buchheit (left) and Maria Klassen (right)

Alyssa Buchheit and Maria Klassen

Dear Crusader Nation,

Wow. I really can’t believe I’m writing this. When I was a wee sophomore sitting in Mr. Duncan’s lit class, I brought my registration paper for classes next year up to him, not knowing I would be persuaded into joining journalism. He said I’d be a good sports writer because frankly I played sports and was a good writer. I said I’d think about it, and he scratched his nondescript “ND” into my paper.

Fast forward two years, and I’m sitting here smiling as I think of all the classes we had yelling article ideas at the board, bothering Sally to hunt down kids for quotes and writing while sucking on lollipops from Duncan’s never-ending drawer of food.

And all of that craziness to publish articles and keep our site updated. If it weren’t for you, Crusader Nation wouldn’t be what it is, so thank you for reading and watching. Even if you don’t actually read, thank you for clicking on our website and glancing over our work. Everyone has busy lives, so we are so appreciative and glad you all want a glance into the world through the eyes of St. Dominic students.

Even though it was a weird end, I’m extremely grateful to have done it beside all of you. This St. Dominic community is special, and I will treasure the moments I’ve created here forever.

Signing off,

Alyssa Buchheit.

Dear Crusader Nation,

Just recently, I decided that what will (unfortunately) make me happy is going into education. For my entire life, I’d window shopped the ideas of a million different careers, desperately trying to escape the dreaded, yet fascinating, one of a teacher. After sitting at school day after day for most of my life, I didn’t picture wanting to stick through even more after graduation.

In my years leading up to graduation, I learned a lot within the walls of St. Dominic. School stuff, sure—lots of comma rules and algebraic equations—but more importantly, a lot of lessons about who I am and what I owe to others.

The greatest lessons that I’ve learned have come from those who trusted me with big responsibilities—responsibilities that I may not have even been ready for. In the time that I have had the privilege to write and edit for you all, I’ve had to grow up a little and learn some accountability, maturity and diligence.

I have to thank our readers for allowing me to learn those lessons and hopefully produce the best content possible for you. Thank you to Mr. Duncan for being a kind but firm leader and placing high expectations on everyone he teaches.

I really didn’t think being a teacher was the job for me, but after experiencing the generosity and wisdom of the St. Dominic community and particularly you who are reading this, I think I’d like to relish the gifts education gives for as long as I possibly can.

Signing off,

Maria Klassen.