How To Stay Focused During COVID


Leone Venter/Unsplash

There are many ways for us to stay focused and motivated as we continue distance learning.

Elizabeth Petruso, Staff Writer

It can be hard to stay focused during distance learning when our everyday school desk is our bed or kitchen table. Here are five ways to keep you focused and motivated while studying in quarantine!

1. Give yourself breaks

Debatably one of the most important things to do when studying and doing your work at home is giving yourself breaks. There is a common method of working that says taking five to ten minute breaks in 25 minute intervals is the most effective way to stay focused. Not only does it give your mind a break, but this also allows your eyes to stop looking at a screen for a few minutes. We don’t have our set breakfast bar or lunch anymore, so make sure you give yourself breaks.

2. Breathe Some Fresh Air

A great activity to do during your small breaks is to get outside! Quarantine keeps us in our houses, but don’t deprive yourself of fresh air. Whether it is taking a step outside in the morning, going for a brisk walk each day or even doing a class outside, the fresh air will definitely wake you up and keep you focused.

3. Get Physical

Another perfect activity to do on a break is to workout. Get up out of bed or your kitchen table and get your blood pumping! Something as simple as running up and down the stairs a few times will keep your mind and body moving during our distance learning.

4. Put Away Distractions

When you’re in the middle of doing your work, I would recommend putting away any distractions. Yes, you may try to tell yourself that you can watch that next episode while you work or that you won’t check your phone, but it is much easier to just put it to the side while you work.

5. Reward Yourself

Once you’ve put away all of your distractions like Netflix, social media or music, you can get your work done so much faster! But sometimes it is still hard to stay motivated. Making a deal with yourself such as: “If I finish this math worksheet, then I can watch an episode of Grey’s” will keep your mind focused and determined to finish your tasks.

6. Switch It Up

If you’re getting bored or distracted where you work, switch it up and find a new place to work for the day! You can work in your bedroom, your kitchen, downstairs or even outside. Sometimes it’s good to just break our everyday routine and make things new and interesting.

With only a few more weeks left of school, now is not the time to just get by, but to finish strong! So stay focused, take breaks and get outside, because the end of this 2019-2020 school year is about to fly by.