How to Cope With a Quarantined Easter

Easter 2020 will not be traditional, but we can still keep the Easter season spirit alive.


Easter 2020 will not be traditional, but we can still keep the Easter season spirit alive.

Elizabeth Petruso

Easter is a day of celebration and praise because Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. But how can we celebrate if we’re stuck in quarantine?

Due to the coronavirus keeping us all in self quarantine, Easter 2020 will require some adjustments. Yet, just because this year’s holiday may not be ideal doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to retain the joy of Easter.

So how can you make your quarantined Easter special?

1.Take Advantage of Your Time

Easter can be a morning of running around from a crowded Mass or service to a grandparent’s house, on top of scavenging for some time to spend with your immediate family. During quarantine, spend this time with family. If your family doesn’t normally celebrate Easter in church, maybe use this year to watch your parish live stream as a way to keep the faith alive. Besides family, you can also use quarantine as a time to reflect on the celebration of Easter and grow in faith.

2. Find Substitutes

Not only has quarantine stripped us of the privilege of visiting family members, but it has affected the stores as well. A popular tradition for Easter is to dye eggs; yet, with grocery stores running low on eggs, many will not be able to partake in the fun activity. So instead, find substitutes! You can make cake pops to decorate to replace eggs or bake a new Easter treat.

3. Create New Traditions

While you find substitutes for previous Easter traditions, take Easter 2020 as a year to make some new traditions. Whether it be a family activity or a special prayer, there are an abundance of opportunities that can be turned into special memories and new traditions.

4. Keep Your Family Involved

Just because we can’t go to visit other family members does not mean we can’t keep them involved in our holiday! Calling a grandparent or family member on Easter would make their day. You can pray for your extended family before an Easter meal or even FaceTime them.

5. Uses the Gift of Technology

Technology has definitely made this quarantine easier for us all. It gives us platforms like Zoom to stay connected with family and Facebook or YouTube to stay connected through faith with live streamed Mass or services.

Easter will not be the same this year, but only in how we celebrate. Christ is still rising from the dead. We’re not losing Easter, just the traditional celebrations of it.

So make the best of your quarantined Easter! Call your family. Enjoy what you have. And most of all, keep Easter alive in your home and your heart this year.