Minus One

Mr. Moore does more than just teach; he like to bowl and do other things as well!

Megan Gilmore

Mr. Moore does more than just teach; he like to bowl and do other things as well!

Cameron Peters, Staff Writer

Teacher Mr. Scott Moore is known around school for his sarcastic humor and befriending students. All of this combined makes him a great teacher, with some hidden talents that you may not know about.

Mr. Moore is a history and psychology teacher who never fails to make each class interesting. Continually incorporating humor in his classes, whether it be in his presentation or in an assignment, is one of his stronger traits around school. This doesn’t take away from his good teaching as he is also very knowledgeable in his field.

One of Moore’s more well known phrases in the classroom is the simple phrase “minus one.” When a student makes a remark that causes the class to laugh or gives an absurd answer to a question in class, this simple Moore phrase seems to send the student into a quick panic before he/she realizes it was just a joke.

“Mr. Moore makes a connection with the kids he teaches and makes class a lot more enjoyable. He really knows how to get a subject across when he’s teaching it, and he tries to make it as relatable as possible,” senior Grace Hill said.

Class is not the only thing he excels in, as outside of the classroom, he coaches for the track and field team. He is a distance and hurdles coach, so he instructs the runners that run the 800, one mile and two mile races, as well as all the hurdling events. His students love being coached by him, as he always seems to lighten the mood on the track while also getting things done.

“Mr. Moore always adds a lot of humor [to track practices]. Once I saw him running on the track, and he stopped and hunched over. I think he hurt his back, so naturally we made fun of him,” junior Emily Baird said.

Teaching and coaching may be his most defining traits here at school, but during his free time, he loves to bowl. He is the supervisor for the bowling club and always brings a good time. While most kids don’t know this about him, he actually is a very good bowler. He bowls in leagues and tournaments whenever he can, and he has bowled an impressive five 300 games in his career. He even gives away his older bowling balls that he doesn’t use anymore to students. Seniors Kyle Fowler and Evan Eisenbath are a part of that group and being able to share their love of bowling with him has caused a strong bond between them.

“Through bowling club, I have been able to talk with him and hear him share some interesting knowledge about bowling and other things,” Fowler said.

Besides all this, Mr. Moore also knows how to operate large equipment, including a bulldozer, forklift, grader and a locomotive. He coaches long distance for a reason, as he has run three marathons, and shows his stamina by being able to play every position in ice hockey, including goalie and referee. He loves to take photographs and has even been getting into astrophotography as of late.

Between his bond with students and his involvement here on campus, Mr. Moore is a great teacher who truly makes the St. Dominic experience a great one.